What is Strange Times?

Strange Times is a weekly newsletter exploring the strangest material found in the archives of the 1921 New York Times. Each issue features several short articles drawn from a single issue of the newspaper—bizarre tales of bootleggers, jazz, murder, and thieves, told in classic, rat-a-tat newspaper prose.

A favorite read of writers, artists, historians, and anyone else fascinated by the hideous beauty of the jazz age, Strange Times is a weekly reminder that the past was weirder—and more familiar—than we think.

Free subscribers get an issue every other week, while paid subscribers get every issue, including a monthly round-up of the most unusual advertisements that ran in the Times.

Who’s in Charge Here?

Strange Times is curated and compiled by W.M. Akers, a playwright, editor and author whose debut novel, Westside, draws heavily on the research that led to him starting this newsletter. Lean more about his work.