What is Strange Times?

Strange Times is a twice-monthly free newsletter exploring the strangest material found in the archives of the 1921 New York Times. Each issue features several short articles drawn from a single issue of the newspaper—bizarre tales of bootleggers, jazz, murder, and thieves, told in classic, rat-a-tat newspaper prose.

A favorite read of writers, artists, historians, and anyone else fascinated by the hideous beauty of the jazz age, Strange Times is a weekly reminder that the past was weirder—and more familiar—than we think.

What Is Strange Pulp?

The fiction arm of Strange Times, Strange Pulp is an irregular journal of weird fiction. Written by myself and other writers, it is an eclectic mix of horror, sci-fi and general weirdness that will make your inbox a more interesting place. Strange Pulp subscriptions come for free with Strange Times. Read its archives here.

Who’s in Charge Here?

Strange Times is curated and compiled by W.M. Akers, a playwright, editor and author whose debut novel, Westside, draws heavily on the research that led to him starting this newsletter. Learn more about his work.

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Strange Times is a day-by-day rereading of the 1921 New York Times—a free, twice-monthly reminder that the past was stranger than we think. This newsletter includes Strange Pulp, an irregular journal of weird fiction. Subscribe now and get both!


W.M. Akers is a writer, game designer and editor, best known for the novel Westside, the games Deadball: Baseball With Dice and Comrades: A Revolutionary RPG, and the newsletter Strange Times, published at patreon.com/wmakers